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Y Celeb Throws A Blow At T Low For Discrediting His Producer On The “Ku Chalo” Song

What could have gone wrong between the two Ku Chalo hitmakers? T Low and Y Celeb? Firstly T Low called out the organizers of The Kopala Experience which will be headlined by Y Celeb for including him on the Banner of the event which he was not contacted for.

Below is what T Low wrote;

Well Super Government Founder Y Celeb couldn’t stay quiet as well about what he has been hearing concerning one of the biggest song in the country currently


I speaking as the President of Super Government: I watch everything from a distance like a drug dealer. I have something to say to T LOW,I always have the desire to make any song that I want, so ba T low, as a brother from another mother, I don’t get the point of you going round and claiming all the RIGHTS to the KU CHALO SONG and even discrediting my producer while you put Sir Lex pamulu and giving him so much praise. So it’s GOOD TO BE GOOD and BAD to be BAD..

ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE YOU COMING FROM…. Respect my producer Iqonbeats for the great work he did on the song cause he did as a favor for the Super Government

ZAMBIA KU CHALO 🇿🇲 let’s co-operate and unite cause that’s the only way to take Zambian music to the world. Zambia is a Christian Nation…
I didn’t expect this from you cause my number namwishiba fyonse

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