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Y Celeb Explains Why He Jumped On The Chambishi Water Campaign

Super Government Worldwide founder Y Celeb has jumped on a Campaign to help restore water in his father’s maternal home Chambishi

He told Icengelo reporter that the reason he is doing the campaign is because Chambishi is his father’s maternal home which makes it home to him to so he gets suddened when he sees mother’s going long distances to acquire the life serving commodity..

He has since challenged the elite in society to do the same and help the less privilege access water

Artist Y Celeb says people with money should help the less privileged in society.

Y Celeb has accepted to perform at a show for free in order to help raise money for the construction of three boreholes in Chambishi’s Zambia Compound.

Super Government will partner with Super Kena to feature at the 23 October show set for Chambishi Stadium.

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