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Kanina Kandalama Thanks Y Celeb For Giving Her A Platform

By now we all know that Kanina Kandalama is a Kopala chick and her rise to were she is now did not just happen on its own, she has people who believed in her, saw potential and pushed her to were she is now and one of those people is Super Government Y Celeb..

So today she took to social media to appreciate him for giving her a platform to be heard with this message..

Shew Wrote;

Incase you Didn’t Know it’s been 8 years of friendship with Super Government World Wide .

He believed in me Since day one , Even when others called me wack 😌 he still believed in me 🥰

He featured me in “Kumatebetomba” it Was a big song in 2018, Twaisa blowako noku blowa Ku kopala Baliyishiba Story iyi 🤗

I was supposed to be in “Mulange Akamukati “ but Twalitukana sana so he removed my verse 😂😂

He always called me to share the stage with him each time he had a show, He has contributed so Much to My Music career 😩

And Now he has featured me in his New Album Zambia kuchalo Track number 11 Titled #Neka

Today I Just Wanted to Appreciate you Y celeb Thank you so much, Long live Umulolo I love you ❤️

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