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Alice Rowlands Bashes Milly Beauty For Getting Married To A Younger Man

Social Media woke up to the news that Milly Beauty has gone on separation with her husband on allegations she has been abusing physically..

This is not the first time we are hearing about this as the two have broken up and make up several times..

Well this time her friend Alice Musukwa doesn’t have kind words for her.. In her recent post the now American based former Zambian model say Milly Beauty has herself to blame for everything she is going through .

Below is what she wrote.

Some mistakes are self made and intentional and that’s the case of Milly, her choice was not a mistake, she signed up for this rubbish and there for, only she knows the depth of this Guy’s behavior and how to take herself out of it.
The only disappointing part is a kind soul will always see a reason to try a little more to save a life forgetting even Jesus Christ ended up dying for we the ungrateful humans.
Milly at times forgets how beautiful, hardworking, loving and generous she is, she forgets there is absolutely another man who can uplift her image, treat her like Queen and help her raise her children the best way children should be raised.
A boy who shamelessly asks for handouts in public does not qualify to be called a home keeper, a husband or the head of the family because what exactly is he heading🤦🏾‍♀️.

His a drug addict, Ex convict, lazy and waiting to be saved by well wishes not willing to save himself or act right for the sake of people that love and respect him, he is willing to trade in everything Milly has done for him just to make noise on social media as a little boy he is. In my own opinion he needs naughty time out in a corner not marriage.
We have seen Women who have married younger guys and those guys act right and control homes like men older than them, take full responsibility of a home not like cry cry babies. A simple scratch you want to break loose and run to social media 🤦🏾‍♀️

At the end of the day Milly is the one with a huge problem because she is trying so hard to Save a little man who is not willing to be saved, it’s Not Milly’s responsibility to feed him, look after him, clothe him but Milly tries to cover up all this nonsense for the sake of marriage and this is what kills a lot of women in the world, a title Mrs Someone🤦🏾‍♀️ I Mean if it’s not working out leave and start another one it’s that simple.
those who want to be counting how many Husbands you will have should start with Jennifer Lopez and a lot more who understands that we stop living the life when we are deaaaaaad not only men should feel deserving of living women, we should also be brave enough to walk away from amatotoli

Milly wake up sis this is not healthy, Mostly for your grown asssss children.

After all this Rubbish tomorrow you should come back on social media fixing his watery ego when he keeps pushing you to low self esteem. The boy has taken your love and good heart for granted and he will never change.

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