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Alice Says Mutale Mwanza Looked Like A Matron In Her Lusaka July Outfit

Model and Social Media Personality Alice Rowlands was today Analysing The Lusaka July Guests Attires and she has dragged Mutale Mwanza for what she wore..

According to Alice, Mutale’s dress did not define her personality instead it made her look look like a matron for some wedding.

This is what she wrote and I have a feeling it won’t end well

Like I said Ba Rich celebrities their Designers didn’t think out of the box.

My opinion, She Made the Usual noise like always, loud Entry hello hello I’m Here, it’s time, I would have loved her to much the energy through out.

The dress in blond is Mutale Mwanza even though that jewelry is wrong for a Short leather dress, the Dress Ku helicopter it didn’t give Mutale What it needed to give.

I love the fact that her jewelry was less which was clean, whosoever did her makeup made her look clean natural and simple 100%,
The hair was on point, tied and away from the face, the shoe matched the jewelry 100% the dress awe awe, I mean if someone is paying a stylist to make them look like the picture they give, u should be aware Of their energy to match their personalities.
Mutela holds tight clothes better, she gives a bad bitch vibes, she gives I don’t give a fuck attitude why not dress her that way to match the energy. I would have actually preferred her in little purple dress stepping out of helicopter with her exaggerator big Sunglasses and  royalty gloves. Not that dress. How do u expect a Bad bitch attitude to match up ba Matron vibe???
Designers and stylists should understand their clients better. Everything else was great the dress supplies or designer for her Lusaka July must be fired 😂😂😂

I stand to corrected.

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