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ZAUBO: Chipata based artist disclosed his local and international celebrity crush find out this and more

Take a moment and enjoying our conversation with one of the most talented chipata based artist known as Zaubo learn something from here.
Jelita: afternoon Zaubo
Zaubo: Afternoon Jelita
Jelita: before we talk abt yo career who’s Zaubo
Zaubo: Alrite Zaubo is just s young man, a music artist,a singer,a rapper, song writer above all a part time producer.
Jelita: What inspired you to start music..
Zaubo: My career started way back when I was a kid in school
Jelita: Wow tell us about it.
Zaubo: it all started when I won a school rap completion..
Jelita: Wow how old were you..
Zaubo: I was only 11 years old.
Jelita: What inspires you
Zaubo: mostly my inspiration comes from God, but as a human being I need to be inspired by my fellow artists amongst them is 2PAC and MC wabwino locally.
Jelita: Amazing in which year did you record your first tract and where.
Zaubo: I recorded a lot of tracks from bedroom studio but by then my ammilly couldn’t allow me to be releasing songs,when I became serious with music to release a project was in 2013.
Jelita: great,Zaubo who are your top 5 Zambian artists
Zaubo: my top 5 artists are 1 chimzy Kelly, 2 macky 2,3Roberto, Diffikoti and Slap D
Jelita:OK what are your real names
Zaubo: my names are Baldwin Banda
Jelita: Eastern power
Zaubo: Kikikikik yes
Jelita: who’s your crush in the industry
Zaubo: Mampi locally

Zaubo: Internationally its Rihanna


Jelita: great so Zaubo what type of music do u do
Zaubo: its difficult to know the type of music i do.
Jelita: Why is it difficult.
Zaubo: because am that artist who is full of surprises,today I will drop hip pop,tommoro kalindu
ula,the other day rumba and sometimes Gospel.
Jelita: Oh great so I will say you are a universal artist
Zaubo: Yes but the best way to call my music,its street hip pop with kalindula flavors
Jelita: OK if u where given a chance to change something in the industry what would you change..
Zaubo: I can focus on unit because unit is the science of life
Jelita: Kindly elaborate your answer so that listeners will understand what you mean.
Zaubo: what I mean is if I can be promoted unit,hatred won’t be there n jealous..
Jelita: Aright I think time is running out.
Zaubo: OK
Jelita: oh before we go what do u do during your free time
Zaubo: mostly is playing computer games, and watching soccer.
Jelita:OK thanx you so much Zaubo its been nice talking to you.
Zaubo: the pressure is all mine thanx

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