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Zambian Musician Petersen Zagaze: ask the President to declare a Day National Mourning for JOE CHIBANGU ‘The Ambassador’.

Dear Mr President,
My Condolences for the loss of your musical genius pioneer.
In the past three campaign and election periods, music has played a very big role in the dissemination of the message to the voters and citizens. It is clear that the late Micheal Sata and the PF was ushered in to power with the help of Dandy Krazy’s ‘Donchi Kubeba’.
The first time you were elected President, a song by Chester ‘Ni Edgar Lungu balefwaya’ and ‘Kolopa dot com’ by Dandy Krazy yet again did a good job in selling you as the overall candidate. Just in the previous election ‘Dununa Reverse’ was the loudest campaign message for the PF.
I would love to make mention and en light your high office that, the music that did all these wonders was not Kalindula nor Hip hop. That sound you love to use so much was created and initiated into the Zambian ear by our brother who has just left us: JOE CHIBANGU ‘The Ambassador’.
The mighty Jk (Dununa Reverse Singer) is a fruit and creation of Joe Chibangu’s hands.
The Bass drum, Snare, Hi hats, the drum pattern and percussion that any Zambian musician, singer or producer can boast of was endorsed and initiated by ‘The Ambassodor’.
Mr President, for the respect of your own Ministry of Tourism and Art, The PF Voters and Campaign team, and anyone who has benefited from what Joe Chibangu gave Zambia, it will be nice if you honored ‘The Ambassador’ and the Entertainment industry by declaring a ‘ Day National Mourning’ like you do for all great sons of Zambia.
Thank You,
Zambian Citizen
Future Honorable Mukubesa Mundia Litebele.

Uncle-P Pro

Entrepreneur || Digital Marketer || Artistes Manager || Events Planner || Music Promoter || Creative Force behind Zambian Tunes
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