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Zambian Artists Get Recognition From Booomplay

Zambian Music has evolved over the years and has hit the international market with artist like Robert, Yo Maps Chef 187 and others getting an international artist status.

This has been seen through international features and numbers on streaming platforms like YouTube and Boomplay..

Some artist have received their million streams plaques from Boomplay as a way of recognizing their efforts and good music on their platform..

See them below

Robert was one of the first artist in Zambia to be recognized by YouTube and he has been recognized by Boomplay

1.Chef 187

Chef 187 and his manager That Guy Super receiving 3 Boomplay plaques, 2 Gold and one Silver

2.Chile One Mr Zambia

Chile One shows off his 2 Boomplay golden plaques awards among others

3.Jae Cash

Jae Cash was also among the artists that received the Boomplay plaques as he shows them off from his hotel room

4.Chanda na Kay

The most happening duo Chanda na Kay also received their 3 plaques and Kay was at hand to receive them

5. Dizmo

Dizmo is among the uprising Artis who have received the Boomplay Plaques.


Slapdee received one plaque for his Mother Tongue Album which was introduced to Boomplay 2years after it’s release and it’s already at 3million streams.


The My Diary hitmaker and Producer KB got to receive his Plaques as well

8.Jay Rox

Jay Rox gets a total of 8million streams on Booomplay

10.Neo Slayer

Neo Slayer has also received his Plaques

This goes to show that Zambian Music is breaking the barriers and reaching greater hights…

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