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Why Old Wave Artists Latest Music Is Not Getting Much Recognition: Kiss Jay

Young Music Promoter and Social Media Influencer Kiss Jay wrote an article were he brought up great insights of why our legendary artist, the likes of Petersen Zagaze, B Flow and many others in that era have been unable to reach the numbers like those of young ones of this era..

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Here is Why B Flow, Petersen Zagaze and other old artists got their music going nowhere nowadays.

If you follow Zambian Music, You’ll agree with me that the artists we used to vibe to are no longer making waves now. It’s not about them running out of ideas, It’s not about them not putting out good music but about Promotion.

The ways of promoting music have completely changed. I’m 100% sure a lot of big artists know nothing about morden promotion and marketing.

The artists you see making waves have fresh people that understand the current situation and push their music. Every record label has new experts working in the background researching about music promotion.

I hope this incoming album by Petersen beats Sunda Station by B Flow. B Flow’s album is not a flop but it lacked proper promotion and good marketing skills.

People say good music finds it’s way to the audience on its own but I disagree, It still need promotion.

No hate here though, It’s all love out here 🙌🙌

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