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”Who’s Your Celebrity crush???: Check out GJB’s local celebrity crush…..

Music a journey where we meet challenges,some they make it others they fail,today we a had chance to chat with Zambian most talented new artist, who was introduced in the game with the his song tiled IGIPITO (download) from that he has been giving the fans hit after hit,take a moment and read our conversion with him about music and also his crush.
Jelita: Morning GJB
GJB: morning thank you
Jelita: Got few questions for you concerning yo career…
GJB: Alright you can go ahead Jelita
Jelita: What really inspired you to join the music career…
GJB: Oh wow was inspired by nature and my background
Jelita,:What type of music do you do
GJB: No I dont have a specific one am universal,I do different types of genre
Jelita:Oh wow,Who are yo top 5 Five Zambian artists
GJB: My top 5 artists are GJB, Macky 2,Chef,Roberto, and Slap D
Jelita: What challenges do you really face in the industry..
GJB: The challenges I face are issues of finances like having a sponsor and government doesn’t recognise our talents, as upcoming they always focus’s on already established artists
Jelita:OK GJB if u were given an opportunity to change something in the industry what will you change…
GJB: Kikikikik if given the chance I would like to change the mentality of my fellow artists who doesn’t enjoy there own feel of music but always copy foreign rythm.I can Aldo can up with a way that would help young talented people to achieve their goals musically.
Jelita: OK what are your names
GJB: my names are Gift James Banda GJB
Jelita: Who’s yo crush in the industry
GJB: Bomb shell

bomGJB 1
Jelita: Who’s your international crush
GJB: Nick minaj
Jelita: What are your hobbies
GJB: My hobbies are watching movies,listening to music and going out
Jelita:What kind of music do you listen to
GJB: I listen to all kinds of music
Jelita: Kikikikik as a universal
GJB: Kikik yes
Jelita: thanx GJB its been nice taking to you
GJB: The pressure is all mine thanx
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