Tio Nason Shares Encouraging Massage To Upcoming Artists


He Wrote,

“To my fellow up and coming artists. Some time in 2006, a friend of mine and I walked from woodlands to Roma to drop off a demo at Romaside, because I was a fan of TK’s production and he was the closest Zambian producer that reminded me of Timberland, (before I met Mag44) but we never heard back from him! Lol
In 2008 I competed in the African Idols that took place in Kenya and was dropped out in the top 10.
Later on, I remember walking to radio stations to drop off my demos, some DJs wanted to be paid, some took the music and never played it, and a few actually took the time to listen and play it.
(Forever grateful for the Late Kaliwa being one of them 🙏🏾❤️)
Obstacles and rejection are part of the process, also sometimes you’re never as good as you think you are, but always stay hungry to grow and don’t stop pushing yourself, some will see your potential, but some will only acknowledge you once your abilities are fully manifest and they are more than just potential.
Keep dreaming, keep growing, keep changing.”