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“The humility and selflessness of Macky 2 ,is inspiriting “-Chilufya Tayali

Economic and equity party Chilufya Tayali wrote on social media about zambians retired general Macky 2, he said..

Somehow, I am close to Roma Girls Secondary School (I love the school for some reasons, which I will disclose in one of my books yet to be written), so I came to know about an event that they were going to have on 21st July.

22nd July is a special day for Roma girls, because it is an anniversary for Mary Aikenhead (19 January 1787 – 22 July 1858) who is the founder of the Religious Sisters of Charity. These Sisters are the ones that runs Roma Girls Secondary School.

To celebrate the day, (22nd July) the school decided to have some social activities, as well as raise some money to finish some classrooms being built, on Friday, 21st July.

Among the social activities, they wanted to invite one of the local artists to perform at the school. A few names of artists were floated and I was tasked to see who could be available.

My best guess was Macky 2 and I called him first. Without any hesitation he agreed.

“MweMfumu, tapali ubwafya, that’s what I do. I want to inspire young people, so I would be happy to perform for free.” said the humble artist.

I could not believe it and I was anxious;

“Did he mean it?”, “Will he show up?”, “What if…..” I wondered in anxiety.

A few days before 21st July, I called him to confirm and he assured me, he will be there.

True to his word, on 21st July, Macky 2 arrived at Roma Girls with his team and they entertained and inspired the pupils.

Out of anxiety, I stayed away, praying all goes well and it did.

The teachers and the Headmistress were amazed with everything about him. “Such a humble young man.” commented the Headmistress.

Nothing was paid to Macky 2 but everyone is very grateful for his performance and inspiring mentorship message he gave to the girls.

It has been a week since he performed and I am here to say, thank-you very much, on my own behalf and that of the Roma Girls (Parents, Teachers and the pupils).

Surely, there are not many artists, especially at the top level of Macky 2, who are as humble, selfless and inspiring as Mr. Mulaza Kaira (his real name).

Actually, Macky 2, is behind the success of many artists and songs, but you would rarely hear him claim the credit.



EEP president Chilufya Tayali

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