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Tbwoys’ open letter to Macky2.


Via a Facebook post,Tbwoy whose now based in states wrote;

Ngati kuli muntu alibe kaso ni uyu guy. Macky 2 is very selfless guy a giver in many ways. I can’t manage to mention how many times I have seen him help kumalilo yabantu olo che ma pressure yabantu. Nakalijo alibe uyu muntu, if it was someone else he wouldn’t have made many people benefit from Kalandaya Music production which gave out millions of kwachas to artist during the covid period when they were no shows,Kalandanya wasn’t about politics when it started it was just a record label with pure intentions of raising the Zambian music industry and through them we can’t deny how they contributed to the living standards of musicians in Zambia.

Macky 2 God bless you for you kind heart bro, even when I was in Pemba this guy payed me a visit one day and felt good seeing someone coming to see me. I first met Macky 2 in Kitwe at a Club when Me and OC had a show at a place called Cinderella or so that tike non of you Knew him ninshi bati uza ati ni Dj.

Let me celebrate you bro while we alive. Otherwise uli muntu Sana.


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