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  • MIZI wayne
    Slapdee stole Kangu song and went on to replace me with Tiger Tonka and Raymond.
    I don’t blame Tiger coz he knew nothing about this.
    I called Slapdee just to get a clear picture on why he did that and he promised to bring me on, the remix.
    I kept it cool on the other day, Raymond being my close friend, he called me, to inform me that they’re going to shoot a video for it of which Slap promised to have me on the video.
    Its now a year since I was signed and they have never given me a chance to record anything apart from the songs I sent them.
    My homies are shocked too about what happened and they’re asking me what’s happening.
    As things stand am even thinking of terminating the contract now.
    MIZI Wayne wept 😥

Slapdee needs to clear the air on this one, we need to hear his side of the story too otherwise this is sad.

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