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Shyman Shaizo writes about Karrassa Karayo.

Using his Facebook channel hit maker of “Zesco donsa mama” shyman Shaizo decided to share his thoughts about a certain time in the past.Karrassa karayo has contributed much to the zed music industry,and this is what he had to share;

“Kalaluka Karasa Kaingu aka Karrassa Karayo, Mid night rider ,Dr sansakuwa juju lover…Many times he has told me i taught him how to sing,whatever that means i don’t know coz i admire how good of a songwriter and singer he is…

A very Talented Visual artist too..One crazy story is when i was at Petersens,Karrassa would come spend nights with us before he fully moved in..This is the first person i would share an idea with before i recorded. He would help contribute with his ideas too .We walked to the Studio many times.

This one evening he came to the house with a DVD of Lucky Dube’s live performances.He told me to watch it and i told him i wold do so first thing in the morning ,the morning came and when i switched on the Tv there was News that LUCKY DUBE was k!lled ..We all were shocked with how everything happened.”

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