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Salma And Tivo Celebrate 10Years Marriage Anniversary

Tivo Shikapwasha the Director of Zamcops and his wife Salma Shikapwasha who is an award winning recording artist are celebrating their 10 years wedding anniversary today

They took to Salma Sky’s facebook account to reminisce about their journey in marriage..Their marriage is one to admire

She Wrote;

Salma Shikapwashya

So here we are my baby 10 YEARS…

From the day I laid my eyes on you, I had the deepest conviction that you were going to be the one I wake up next to every single morning of my life, the one who’s hand I hold during the delivery of everyone of our children, the one who would make me feel like a 10 foot giant in those quiet moments when I am feeling my most vulnerable, the one who would stand by me when the rest of the world would doubt me, the one who would pray for me deep into the night when I felt the load was too heavy to carry, the one who would understand the depth of the celebration in every victory (big or small) because you cheered me on and helped me push through all the challenges, The one I’d share my most proud moments with in humility and awe of Gods favor, the one who’s silent strength would be the back bone of our family, the one I would turn to when our daughters ask questions that I don’t know how to answer, The one that I would take night drives with across town to buy shawamas, the one I’d kiss relentlessly at every chance I get, the one who would be my best friend through everything, the one who would fight for me and for us even when I was being a hard head, the one who would give me the privilege to teach our sons chivalry, the one that would be perfect for me. That day I knew, I knew that you are the one.

10 years ago on this day you said I do in front of all the people that mean the most to us and every single day you have been everything I imagined and more. We are two imperfect beings that do our best to love each other perfectly and this to me is everything.

Thank you my baby, thank you for being my best friend, for being the most caring wife, for being a great mother to our children and for being our family hero that makes sure we are all taken care of.

I love you with everything I am and feel a deep sense of honor and privilege to be the one to walk this lifetime journey with you. I look forward to many more beautiful memories and growing grey next to you, the most beautiful woman I know.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

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