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Today on the celebrity up close & personal interview we have the “Amarulah ” hit maker/singer/producer /songwriter Roberto!!

CFZ: how would you describe yourself Roberto??
Roberto : I would describe myself as a goal getter, trend setter simple and motivated individual I like to think outside the box and push my limits to new heights. I love to learn everyday so most of my achievements are from what I have gotten to learn through my journey in music
CFZ: how have you managed to penetrate international music scenes?

Roberto : My break through into the international market truly started in 2009 after I did a song called LOVE YOU MORE, after the song was nominated for Afrimma I told myself I had to work twice as much at perfecting my art. And in the long run developed a relationship with several individuals that upto date assist me with my current releases and guide me with everything I work on.

CFZ: what are some of the greatest moments that you have encountered in your musical journey so far?

Roberto : My greatest moments are surely being able to have my music play in areas I have never even imagined existed in this world, my heart melts when ever people from all parts of the world post videos and they use my music for dance lessons or weddings. It’s a dream come true.

CFZ: what should your fans expect from you this year?

Roberto : Well 2016 is just going to be an amazing year for me. It already has started off on a high note for me. First week of the year we released my newest single called “Mailo” and the video just went live on YouTube and has been play listed on major TV stations across Africa. Also being able to produce General Ozzys new album has been a great achievement for me. So this year is going to be one interesting year and a lot is coming from Roberto and the BrathaHood Crew!!

Check out Roberto’s video”Mailo ” on zambiantunes.net !!!

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