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1. Cactus Agony was my neighbour back In 2004 and I used to bother him to take me to the studio to do my first song.
2. Salma Shikapwashya was a teacher of music at school where I was in high school. 3.Abel Chungu Musuka gave me my first airplay when I started doing gospel music.
4. I started dealing drugs at the agae 17 in my high school days 5. Producer Chella ‘Cashroll’ Ngoma and I started doing music at almost the same time and formed our first group in 8th grade
6. Lukundo (superman) gave me my first proper recording deal.
7. Coin Coin produced my first album for free and it was nominated for best gospel album 2013 at Zambia music awards
8. In my 10th grade I was given the last warning that if I ever rapped again in school I was to be expelled.
9. I went into rehab for 6 months due to marijuana addiction in 2010 where I even received Jesus Christ as my savior
10. I taught myself how to speak and sing dance-hall music.

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