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Rapper,song writer: Slant Jay Talks about Wezi as his Crush in Zambian music industry .

Traveled all the way to mansa in search of talents and we met a very talented young boy by the name of  Slant Jay and we had to talk with him concerning music….this was his views…
Slant J:gud afternoon jelita
Jelita:what inspired you to start music
Slant j: I had a passion for music hence thot of joining into the Industry
jelita:What type of music do u do
Slant J:hip hop
Jelita: what are yo real names
Slant J:my names are Tundu Justine
Jelita:who are yo top 5 Zambian artists
Slant J: my top 5 are Macky 2,Bobby east,Chef 187,Jae cash and Slant j
Jelita:Whos your crush in the industry
Slant J:Wezi
Jelita:Why her of all the female artists
Slant j: Because she’s  beautiful, amazing and hard working
Jelita:What challenges do you face in the industry..
Slant J:producution n management we hav few Equipments to use.
Jelita:apart frm your current studio which other studio wud u work with.
Slant J:Fresh boy music studios
Jelita:What type of music do u listen to.
Slant J:Gospel
Jelita:What are yo hobbies
Slant J:Football
Jelita: who’s yo competitor in the industry
Slant J:Jae cash
Jelita:Who inspires in Zambian music industry
Slant J:Bobby East
Jelita: How old are you
Slant J: 16 years
Jelita:What are you planing to do when you complete school
Slant J: When am done with school I want to study pharmacy.
Jelita: I here you part of Zambiantunes family how do u feel to be part of it.
Slant J:I feel much comfortable coz I believe in them
Jelita:What advise would you give to promotes out there
Slant J.All I can say is they shud be fair interns of promoting… they shud nt descriminate.
Jelita: OK its been NYC talking to you..
Slant J:the pressure is all mine.
Jelita: Thanx
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