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Posting your life on social media can be t0xic says Pompi!

Gospel singer Pompi says he avoids sharing his private life online because it can be t0xic.
Pompi also says he is enjoying fatherhood amidst his souring musical career.

In an interview with Diamond TV’s Chimweka for On The Table, the ‘Polepole’ star says he is a proud father, who has set important boundaries meant to safeguard his parental and marital principles in order to keep his marriage healthy.

“It’s family first, we don’t feel entitled to share our lives with the public because we didnt marry the public and also for mental health and health of family, when you open up your home to the public too much it can become t0xic and they start to throw their opinions and start giving you marriage counseling on Facebook,”.

He says he is grateful and blessed to be a parent and enjoys his new title as a father with his wife Esther and baby equally doing very well.

When it comes to international musical travels, Pompi says he has equally created boundaries, and does not stay out of the country for more than 5 days, in order to strike a healthy balance between work and family.

“Family is a priority for me, everything else follows so it’s those clear boundaries that help”, Pompi says, with emphasis that as a man, one has to make sure that he is working with the sound mind.

When he featured recently on Diamond TV, pompi explained that it is important for him to also give Esther the room so that she has time with the baby, and also to heal from the whole experience as going immediately back to the industry is demanding.

“Of course she will be doing what she needs to do especially that she is a media personality but for both of us, family comes first before anything else” he further shares.

Pompi feels opening up to the public beyond a certain boundary can become too t0xic and can invite varying public opinions inform of marriage counseling on Facebook.

And the award winning artist has also shed light on speculations that his wife’s pregnancy was kept a secret.

He explains that Esther’s pregnancy was not even planned to be kept away from the public, but justified that not everything is suppose to be posted or shared, but appreciated his family and the media for respecting their privacy.

“If we are going to put out something that involves our family, everyone knows that we should be the ones to post it first” he says

“What’s crazy is what us as gospel artist have grown to accept, we have accepted that we are not going to flash achievements because we want a place of equality, aspiration in regards to principles of your life and how it’s lived” he further explains.

He has appreciated his fellow Gospel artist, Ephraim who he says despite tremendous achievements, does not boast on social media.

He says Ephraim despite being an industry giant who takes his whole family to Disney Land ,for example,will never post such for the public eye.

“We have just accepted that we can’t package ourselves in that way and sell that but it’s fine, at the end of the day, we just make sure that the standard is set and the truth eventually just always finds a way to come out” he notes.

Pompi has also shared his disappointment about failure to get support or accolades for certain achievements.

He recalls that despite calling the media to celebrate an amazing achievement, when his wife Esther came back after sharing a stage with American band , Cold Play, only two media channels showed up to give support.

“Conversations are being heard about what achievements have been made and that has not been mentioned so as they say, bad news finds it’s way out before the good news wears it’s pants” he says.

Pompi concludes by accepting that being a gospel artist, doesn’t guarantee you to find a crown when you want it in the gospel, but you just need to live just accepting that if you want a crowd, you will not find it in the gospel but just to “live your life and mind your own business”.

By Walusungu Silweya


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