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Patson Daka Ca#ght His Ex Grace Che#ting Thats Why He Let Her For Suwi

Busiso Writes

I think this narrative should stop .That when a man che#ts. It is his fault. When a woman Che#ts. It is still his fault. It’s honestly a lousy narrative.

Patson Daka Was hurt when he found out that his ex had cheated on him. Sl#pt with another man and decided to get pay back. But at the same time. Genuinely fell in love with his new girl.

So honestly it’s unfair that people are attacking him alone because of the narrative that only men can cheat. This is 2022 women can che#t for any reason, whether it’s distance, attention, not being given money, or just because ubuhule .And that’s a fact

It’s not right to cheat. He shouldn’t be insulted just because he followed his heart, she che#ted on him he couldn’t tolerate it and boom Relationship over

If you’re the kind of person who insulted him without hearing the full story check yourself
I personally think we should be happy that he found true love and someone who truly cares about him enough to be loyal

Imagine he married his ex and she would cheat on him while he was in a football match, that would honestly be devastating. I as A Patson Daka fan will support him through and through


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