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Ideally politics should facilitate development for any country but this for us is not the case and may not be the case anytime soon. In Zambia, politics are no longer about delivering development to the people, our politics have become nothing but a popularity contest. Today our politicians do not get bothered about morality and justice, their main preoccupation is winning elections. Our politicians would rather spend billions of dollars bribing voters than spend millions in developing the country. They sacrifice everything even standard morals just to win an election.

Today our dear President says the PF and MMD will partner in the forthcoming elections and the story ends there. Many have accused me of not liking the preaident much and my friends and family that belong to the most powerful PF have even accused me of being sponsored by the opposition. Ladies and Gentlemen for records I do like the president very much and I would want him to succeed in his life as a human being and as a president but supporting him blindly will not help him at all. It is unfortunate that those that work with and for the president are shielding him away from the truth. I am not afraid of doing the right thing and as Mandela put it ‘ there’s always enough time to do the right thing’.
The PF working with the MMD may be a brilliant idea for the sake of winning elections but may not be a good idea for development. My dear president please dont allow mediocre minds to influence your nobleness, a great president is never determined by how long they stay in office or by how many elections they win, Mandela just won one election yet he is the most adored African leader. President Mugabe has won so many elections but his story is not as strong as that of Mandela. My honest and deepest plea to you Mr. President is JUST DO THE RIGHT THING.
The MMD did their part and the people of Zambia said BYE to them so why not step on new grounds. Instead of looking for alliances why not look for solutions to the so many problems that have befallen us as a country? Zambia has over 13 million people why not look for ideas and imaginations from unexplored minds. Mr. President why not take your time and look a little further for new thinking? As long as our focus is on winning elections we will never see the benefits of democracy. The people around you are not you, tomorrow they will still jump and join other political parties but for you Mr. President that may not be the case. Your excellence NEVER TRUST THE PRAISE of a hungry man. Your presidency is more about you and not about the people you work with and tomorrow your legacy will be insulted more by those that feed from you. Ine as pilAto my honest and humble advice is cut that MMD alliance and look elsewhere for new ideas. Focus on the solutions to our problems. You may not win the elections but you would have done the best for Zambia and your name and legacy shall be defended even by your foes.
I have no plans of doing Alungu anabwera part 2 yet your excellency so kindly consider this advice.

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