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My Father’s Death Shaped My Mindset: Rema

Rema, the Nigerian singer famously known for hits like “Calm Down,” shares a touching story about how the passing of his father profoundly impacted his perspective on life.

In a recent interview on the Afrobeats podcast hosted by Adesope Olajide, Rema candidly expressed how he used to be carefree and playful before his father, Mr. Ikubor, passed away.

During a heart-to-heart conversation with Shopsydoo on his podcast, Rema stated, “Losing my dad shaped me, to be honest. It completely transformed my mindset and mood.” Prior to this tragic event, Rema admitted to being very colorful, funny, and carefree, never taking life too seriously. However, his father’s death changed everything.

He revealed, “It just shows different sides of people. It just shows the importance of family as well.” Rema came to understand the value of family bonds and how they can shape our lives in significant ways. He emphasized that even though siblings may have their fights and quarrels, we must cherish our loved ones,for we never know when we might lose them.

For Rema, his father’s presence was like that of a guiding figure, referring to him as “a soldier.” The loss of his father has left a lasting impact on him, influencing the way he views life, relationships, and the importance of cherishing loved ones.

In sharing his story, Rema provides a glimpse into how life’s experiences can shape us, making it an inspiring and reflective tale for readers of all ages, including young minds at the grade 6 level.

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