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Modecaii ZM ready to give music industry his all

Modecaii ZM ready to give music industry his all

RISING music sensation known as Modecaii ZM on streets of Facebook says he’s now ready to give the Zambian music industry his all.

Modecaii ZM has been causing a frenzy among music lovers and fans across the nation following the release of a snippet of his latest song on TikTok.

With only four days to go before the release of ‘Fire’ the talented artist, aged 21, engaged with his fans through a live video session on Facebook, where he said he was ready to work and push Zambian music out globally.

One of the most anticipated questions was about the release of his full song.

Modecaii ZM excitedly revealed, “Alright, on the 30th of June, fire is dropping with the official music video, so it will be available on all platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else. Get ready to groove to it!”

Addressing his absence from the music scene since winning Talent Yapa Zed, the artist explained, “After ‘Talent Yapa Zed’ a lot has been going on. I had to focus on my studies and gain a deeper understanding of the music industry. My parents advised me to continue with my education while immersing myself in the world of music. Now that I’m done with school, I’m fully prepared to conquer the industry.”

Amidst the flurry of questions, fans were curious about Modecaii ZM’s age. Responding with a smile, he clarified, “I’ve seen some people calling me a kid, but they also say it in a cool way. I’m a very young grown man. I’m 21.”

When asked about his inspiration, the artist shared an interesting anecdote, saying, “Inspiration can strike from anywhere. For me, it happened while I was hanging out with my friend and producer, Crescent 101. We were playing video games and cooking when the food got burnt. We joked about something being on fire, and that’s how the song ‘Fire’ came to be. Sometimes, inspiration just hits you out of the blue.”

Setting the record straight on his relationship status, Modecaii ZM confirmed, “I am very, very single at the moment. As for mingling, I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.”

Reflecting on his journey, the artist briefly mentioned, “After ‘Talent Yapa Zed,’ a lot happened. It was quite an experience, and I’m grateful to everyone who stayed with me throughout.”

Explaining his decision to sign with Kazadi Music, Modecaii ZM shared, “When I started taking music seriously after completing my education, I had a conversation with David Kazadi, the CEO of Kazadi Music. I heard great things about him and realized we shared similar visions. I felt safe and supported, so I decided to sign with them. It has been an amazing journey so far.”

Confirming his Zambian roots, Modecaii ZM proudly stated, “Yes, I’m Zambian. I was born and raised here in Livingston, where I spent most of my life. I attended St. Raphaels Secondary School, and I can speak Nyanja.”

He said he started doing music at a young age with his Father being his mentor at Trinity Baptist Church in Livingstone.

The young creative also revealed that he was a huge Chris Brown Fan and would love to work with him.

Regarding his educational pursuits, the artist mentioned, “I completed my studies in electrical engineering at NORTEC. At the moment, I’m fully dedicated to my music career. Perhaps in four or five years, I might consider going back to school.”

When asked about his upcoming album, Modecaii ZM responded, “I’m not sure about the exact timing, but let’s give it around five months. I’m also planning to release an EP before

Meanwhile in response to the humorous memes circulating online, comparing him to Zambian soccer star Barbara Banda, Modecaii ZM clarified, “No, we are not related. However, I must say that I’m a big fan of Barbara Banda. I love soccer.”

By Moses Makwaya


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