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MEET: Jackson Demus Phiri AKA DJ Showstar

Dj Showstars’s Profile

Who is DJ Showstar? The Lusaka born and raised, Jackson Demus Phiri AKA DJ Showstar is an innovative entertainer with a passion for local art. He has been making parties come alive since the age of 15. Being so interested in music since high school Dj Showstar acquainted himself with the right people in the industry thus propelling him in the right direction. Join him on Qfm “Africa’s Modern Radio” in the morning on QBreakfast weekdays from 6am to 9am. Plus he hosts a TV show on QTV were he hosts different artists and play 5 of their favorite videos as they chat about different things. Why the name Showstar? A Showstar is like a STAR of any show. Like a principal performer of a film, play, music video or a radio show. Like right now we are talking about me. Am the center of attraction so am “The Showstar” Why did u choose the career path of DJ? While I have always wanted to do something related to music e.i being rapper, music producer, djaying, playing music instruments and music writer. Then just after I completed high school I started hunging out with the then Top Radio DJ’s like Boogie C, LBC, Flava and Ray cast. These guys inspired me to get into the radio business Besides Smooth IK, Boogie C and LBC did u have other guys who inspired you? Off course a lot of people. I draw inspiration from anyone who is courageous enough to do something extraordinary in any industry. What kind of music do you play on your radio shows? The two hash tags are #MadAboutZEDBEATS and #IfYouAintWith #SoWhat. So that should tell you it’s purely Zambian Music from the old era, upcoming promising artists to the most happening at the moment. Where else have you DJ’d before? I used to be a resident DJ at ”Club 20/20” now called Vegas Mystic and Club Celebrities. I host a Zambian Music Concert called “The Zed Experience” this show brings all the top Zambain artists in one place, it comes 3 times in a year. At this event am a DJ/Host For people who have missed your interviews. How can they listen to you? They can listen to my interviews anytime on this link > https://soundcloud.com/dj-showstar-33110444 In the Zambian Music Awards you won “Best Male Radio Award” How do you feel about that? I dedicate this award to everyone who voted for me. I will forever be grateful Facebook: Deejay Showstar Twitter: @DjShowstar Instagram: DjShowstar

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