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Mampi Partners With Her Brother To Help Children In Need

Sensational Queen Diva Mampi has partnered with her female Albert Mukape of Salfra Creative MINDS to help children in need on an initiative called Every Child Need A Light.

With the passion she has for the girl child, Mampi feels a girl child should be safe and protected at all time.

This came to light when she shared it on her social media platfoms earlier today.

She wrote:

It’s always a blessing to be a helping hand to the community. Knowing how difficult Electricity is in rural areas, Three years ago My brother @Albert Mukape of Salfra Creative MINDS and I embarked on a journey with an initiative called Every Child Needs a Light

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OUR MISSION is to provide Portable Solar Lights to the school going children so that they should be able to study well at night in their homes.
We have atleast visited a number of places since the inception of our journey, Yesterday we partnered with TotalEnergies Zambia and we visited Kampishi Primary School in Rufunsa District and because of the passion I have for girl child advocacy, we gave 100 school girls Chargeable and portable solar lights each to help them study.
With the rampant cases of defilement and rape, we have also advised the girls to use the Solar Lights to know what and who is around them at night so that they should be able to protect themselves and avoid those that may want to take advantage of them
In addition to the Solar Lights, we have also donated Sanitary pads and with the help of Dimd Group we have also managed to donate a number of bathing Soap and Lotion.

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Every Child needs a light💡be that light by buying a Solar light for that Child who doesn’t have access to electricity.

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Together we can do it and make it easy for that Child to study at night.

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