Macky 2 Responds To Chellah Tukuta’s Shed Towards Him


Yesterday Macky 2 announced the news of his retirement from active Music which has been received by many in a sad way as they are still not yet over him as an artist

Many have taken to Social Media to share their experience working with him and appreciate him for the contribution he has made in their Lives and the Zambian Music Industry

Well as we all know, this news can’t come without negative comments and criticism..

Lately Chellah Tukuta has been throwing shade at Macky 2 for reasons best know to himself and he couldn’t let the news of his retirement slide without add his opinion.. Below is what he said..

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "Chellah Tukuta Photography" 12m Ati people prayed for its downfall Blo remember how you all became cadres of a Government that ill treated people? Let's stop seeking sympathy over wrong things. You sided with the oppressors and rejoiced when most Zambians suffered under the terrible regime of Lungu. You must be ashamed to support Bwalya Kalandanya who is being investigated for corruption. Just retire in peace without making the New Dawn administration look bad as it fights Corruption IFNTU ILENG.O1 LUNGO T aา"

It seems The Kopala Hip Hop legend has been ignoring that the Presidential Photographer is been on his trail until today when he responded to Chellah Tukuta who wrote in one of his post “Can’t We create Fake Beef to Grow Numbers” and Macky 2 replied in a post which has since been deleted “If Its Fake Beef You want to Grow Numbers Lets Do It. I Love You My Brother Chellah Tukuta