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Macky 2 Embarks On 10 of 10 Album Vol 2 After Successful First Project

IN a remarkable feat of nurturing budding talent, Macky 2, known as Mark Mulaza Kaira’s work paid off after six artistes he featured on his 10/10 project scooped awards.

Earlier this year Macky 2 embarked on a mission to discover and empower emerging artists from every corner of Zambia for his “10 of 10” album earlier this year.

The ambitious project saw him collaborate with ten emerging artists, each hailing from a different province in Zambia.

And those that won awards include
Cox Best, best Northwestern Province,
Mumble Jumble (Western Province), Muzo aka Alphonso (Northern Province),
Happy K (Muchinga Province),
Best Artist Luapula Province went to Knack Unity while Emmy Brokenhill took it home for Central Province.

Happy K, upon receiving his award on Saturday, emphasized that the award was achieved collectively as a province, aiming to foster unity rather than trigger enmity, with the ultimate goal of elevating the music scene in Muchinga Province to new heights.

In a recent interview with Kalemba Macky was proud of the success that came with the project and of the artists.

Macky 2 acknowledged the challenges faced in bringing the project into fruition stating the entire project was self-funded, from transportation and accommodation to styling for music videos.

He also shared exciting news about the future, revealing plans for “Volume 2” of the project, aimed at discovering and promoting more hidden talents across Zambia.

“After visiting all the places that we went to, we realized that there’s was so much talent, it wasn’t just that one guy that we picked, so we are already doing Volume 2,” Macky said “Two weeks ago we put out a song by an artist called Ozone from Western Province.”

In contrast to the first edition, where artists were chosen partly based on their social media presence, Macky 2 explained that they would now be scouting talent directly from different regions, recognizing that true potential sometimes lies beyond online metrics.

He noted that the artists who didn’t win from the project were pitted against established mainstream artists, demonstrating the caliber of talent his project had unearthed.

The “10 of 10” project has undoubtedly been a game-changer for emerging artists in Zambia, and with the promise of “Volume 2” on the horizon, it seems that Macky 2’s mission to uplift the country’s musical talents is far from over.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba October 3, 2023

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