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know The Truth behind Dununa reverse song.jk,wile,shenky,felix and Kayombo

THE debate on the actual meaning of the lyrics in what is arguably the hottest song on the block Dununa Reverse, which has been revamped as a campaign song for President Lungu, is still open for curiosity, but the musicians are delighted that the song has a nationwide appeal.
Dununa Reverse has its origins in the Southern Province, but wonder boy JK, Wile, Kayombo, Shenky and Felix Phiri have done a remix, and the result has been phenomenal.
You can talk about the demerits of bubble-gum music, but Dununa Reverse is simply irresistible.
Last week, the musicians took the remix to Sinazongwe where they had accompanied President Lungu for campaigns; there, they were able to perform the revamped version while a local primary school choir performed the original version.
“I am happy to hear the original version of Dununa Reverse. We just had to make our own version so that it can suit the whole Zambia. And it sounds good,” JK told the Weekend Mail in an interview.
Kayombo also had his own take.
“This song is one of the confirmations that President Lungu is a man of the people. And if you have noticed, this song, after we did it, it has gone viral and Southern Province is the originator of this song,” Kayombo said.
Wile, who comes in the song with his usual Lamba commentary, says Dununa Reverse has cemented the “One Zambia, one nation” motto.
Meanwhile, the Sinazongwe Primary School choir, who performed the original version of the song at President Lungu’s campaign meeting, have their own interpretation of Dununa Reverse.
“This song is an encouragement to our President [Lungu] that he must not give up but continue with his good leadership,” Agness Habende, the choir leader, said.
Another choir member Mendy Malawo described President Lungu as a great leader who must continue with his agenda of developing the country.
“The works of President Lungu are there for all to see such as the Bottom Road,” Mendy said.
The ruling Patriotic front (PF) has a way of working with music. First, it was Nathan Nyirenda’s Mwemakufi; and then in 2011 and 2015, it was the irresistible sound and lyrics of Dandy Krazy’s Donchi Kubeba and Kolopa.com respectively.
There are many campaign songs for President Lungu and the PF currently caressing the airwaves, but it seems Dununa Reverse beats them all.

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