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Kidist Kifle Hits Back At Bully

To be a celebrity one has to have tough skin but that doesn’t mean you cannot break,after all they are also human..

Among the people that are constantly attacked and bullied on social media are The Mulengas, award winning Superstar Yo Maps and his wife Kidist.

Well there is just so much one can take in before they hit back and Kidist hass reached the limit of staying silent to trolls. Today she took to her Facebook page to troll one of her followers who made a negative comment on her post..

Posting her picture, she wroteb


She posted;👇
I’ve ignored this bitter soul for a long time now but today I’ll give you the attention you are hungry for. Charity Banda I’m not the one that left you, project your anger towards to right people.
I have a very beautiful home and stable income, can you say that for yourself? Each time you take to media to bash and pull down others weigh yourself. You can’t be funny looking and bitter at the same time. Pick a struggle

Hope this will bring an end to troll towards Kidist and her family.

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