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JK Is The First Zambian Artist To Go International

When we talk about Zambian artists not yet hitting the international stage, were do we leave legendary hitmaker Jordan Katembula JK?

About 12 years ago, JK was at a point were To Maps I told, even higher if I must say. I mean how many African Artists have had a chance to rub shoulders with the once mighty RnB King Robert Kelly?

When Airtel embarked on The One8 project, The picked the best Artist from 8 countries were they operated from and in Zambia The Ka Gelo hit maker was one to represent the country alongside Fally Ipupa from DRC Congo, 2Baba from Nigeria Aliki Ba from Tanzania and the rest.

Watch One8 Video


ONE8 – Hands Across The World

Just look at him shining in that video?

But we must admit one thing though, who ever his manager was during that time did not do a good job to keep him on the top. Do you know it was out of this project that Fally Ipupu managed to get R Kelly to feature on his song “NDIJA”

Forget about his involvement in politics,how man big Artist internationally has sand for politicians? JK is still the first Artist to go international and he has alot of works to prove it.

As Zambians let’s learn to celebrate and push our musicians instead of always pulling them down like we are doing to Yo Maps now.

How is he going to be recognized outside if he is looked down in his own country? Let’s not do to him what we did to JK

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