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Its N0ns£nse To Say Slapdee Has Not Help Anyone: Elisha Long

“This nonsense of saying SLAPDEE has not helped anyone should come to an end”

He writes “This nonsense of saying SLAPDEE has not helped or doesn’t concentrate on anyone,even young upcomers should come to an end. Doesn’t mean if he does not expose his helping hand then his not helping…So you mean Daev,myself and other artists that got famous and made money under his platform are all animals or what?Yes some of us have had issues,had disputes but from time to time he always proves to be the bigger person, because he’s learnt from his past mistakes which even makes him one of the most experienced artists in our nation, hence what am trying to say is that like any family does we fight then makeup,but he’s our brother,mentor,boss and he’s done so much for us ,stop trying to tarnish his Legacy!!

AbaNabo #BW3″

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