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I’m the biggest artiste in Zambia, being the biggest is not about scandals – Drimz

Despite being snubbed from the popular Mosi Day of Thunder lineup, Drimz remains unapologetic and confident, declaring himself the biggest artist in the country.

Appearing on Diamond TV’s ‘On The Table’, the “Single” hitmaker stood firm on his claim to fame, refusing to let the setback dim his shine.

Recently, the talented artist took to the digital streets, voicing his frustration and disappointment at being snubbed from the prestigious Mosi Day of Thunder performance lineup.

But such an incident did not stop him from boasting that he is the biggest artiste in the country.

Drimz noted that the status of being the biggest artiste is not about having scandals on social media but having both international and local recognition musically.

“Yes, I’m the biggest artiste in the country right now, with the single song, having international engagements, having shows even on a Wednesday and on a Monday, performing at weddings even on a Sunday,” he pointed out.

“What is the definition of biggest artiste, having a lot of scandals? It’s about the music bruh, when it comes to the music right now, I’m the biggest musician in the country.”

Drimz also fondly known as Bashi Lota that he is on demand and must promoters say he is too expensive to hire.

He said Single is the most played song in clubs and such an achievement should not be taken lightly as the song has been there in just a space of six months.

The hit song got six million views in less than five months, calling for more respect and admiration.

The singer pointed out some of his achievements that sum up his criterion of choosing the biggest artiste in the country.

“A lot of promoters say I’m too expensive to hire, I have a team that manages the brand Drimz and recently I had a show in Namibia, I almost influenced an election, I got an endorsement with the UN,” bragged the artiste.

Drimz has been in the game for 10 years and has had hit sings such as Mwankole, Dunka, Pakafye Ubushiku, Ireen Mambilima and now Single.

By Catherine Pule


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