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Gospel artiste Chileshe Bwalya shares 10 random facts about her.

She wrote: I accepted a challenge by Pastor Daniel Musonda Kaira to share 10 Random facts about me. So here goes

  1. I love weird food combo’s like rice with natural yogurt or sour milk, crushed banana or Chocolate on bread, cornflakes with boiling milk, impwa with rice and no I’m not pregnant again.
  2. Behind closed doors, once in a while, I perform all sorts of acts to entertain my husband anything from beat boxing to break dancing or pranks in collaboration with our son(not what you were thinking 😝)
  3. I love music (I know, duh!).
  4. I’ve developed a new gardening hobby so please feel free to donate some plants 😅
  5. I’m a Manchester United fan in EPL and Barcelona for La Liga.. Lewis Hamilton in F1 but I rarely watch these sports
  6. I love cooking but I’m not a foodie.
  7. I love watching true crime shows, but I’m a sucker for Romcoms. My husband says I watch the same movie with different actors lol. I like witty sitcoms and Law series. We need more Christian shows mweh.
  8. My favorite avenger is Thor (it’s how he’s toughie on the outside but a big baby) however, Jesus! That’s the true Avenger!
  9. I can’t stand loud chewing, funny story, my husband can’t stand slurping and I’m a slurper, he’s a loud chewer, this is why marriage is not for small minded people.
  10. I’m married to an exceptional guy!

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