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General Ozzy bids farewell to the music industry after 20 years

General Ozzy bids farewell to the music industry after 20 years

RENOWNED music artiste General Ozzy is set to ‘hang his mic’ after 20 years of blessing the Zambian airwaves with hits that will go down in history as the greatest songs of all time.

In an interview with Kalemba, ‘the five star general’ whose real name, David Banda said August 26, 2023 had been earmarked as the day General Ozzy will bid farewell and have his last show.

“I have contributed a lot to the growth of modern Zambian music, and I feel like it’s time to help build it from a different perspective,” he said.

The farewell concert is set to take place at the Music Club, East Park Mall in Lusaka, an event which promises to be an unforgettable night filled with nostalgia and celebration.

Known for his dancehall melodies and captivating performances, General Ozzy has made an indelible impact on the Zambian music scene since his debut in 2003.

Over the course of his illustrious career, he has released seven albums that have resonated with audiences across the nation featuring artistes locally and beyond borders.

Not only has General Ozzy made a name for himself, but he has also played a significant role in kickstarting the careers of numerous aspiring musicians.

His influence and guidance have helped shape the landscape of modern Zambian music, leaving an enduring legacy.

When asked about his music journey, General Ozzy expressed gratitude for the experiences he has had and the lessons he has learned along the way. “It has been a great journey, and every experience, good and bad, has actually taught me a lot, and I don’t regret any of it,” he shared.

“I am a walking talking testament that when you believe in your dreams, you can achieve.”

Reflecting on his best moment as a musician, General Ozzy recounted the overwhelming acceptance his music received from the nation. “My favorite moment in my career is when my music got accepted by the nation because I never knew anyone would actually pay attention to what I had to offer,” he fondly reminisced.

As curiosity abounds regarding what General Ozzy’s future holds outside of the music industry, he playfully hinted, “I will share that answer on 26th August 2023,” leaving fans eager to uncover his next chapter.

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