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Facts about artists Danny Kaya you didn’t know .

By Moses Kuwema
In the over two decades of his music career, he has NEVER;

  1. Twerked for nshima from politicians despite the high temptation of seeing some of his contemporaries building mansions from the proceeds of bootlicking.
  2. Performed for a crate of beer ku tarven—despite his soft spot for cold steins.
  3. Gone live on social media to curse at imaginary haters.
  4. Been involved in any baby mama drama.
  5. Had a wife who competes with him for social media attention via pages like Advertise with bana Niza or Mrs Danny Kaya.
  6. Been involved in a cho chise with his fans resulting in him being booed while on stage performing.
  7. Rode Yango and failed to pay.
  8. Eaten nshima at a restaurant & failed to pay.
  9. Violently pushed any of his fans to the ground.
  10. Announced a fake retirement from music.
  11. Put up a madongo dongo performance of shouting DJ pulo pulo rewind selector, since he started working with the Mo Fire band.
  12. Eaten matebeto from different women.
  13. Been divorced.
  14. Disrespected his fans in any way.
  15. Claimed to be the biggest musician in the country—his rich catalogue of music has always spoken for him.

If this is not inspiring for these young mozishians then what is? His has been a scandal free career. Shi Niza wakulekafye. Much respect to him.

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