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He has been in the music industry for a long time.

He is the one behind the album Gong’a done by uncle Jah.

He is popularly known as Shimpanzi, a talented man who has worked with so many artists in Zambia not to talk of JK, AFUNIKA, HAMOBA, K’MILLIAN, B1, SLAP D AND THE ORGANISED FAMILY among other artists.

Shimpanzi whose real names are George Mulowa released his first Hit Song in 2007 and the song is called ‘NIZONDA’ which was produced by TK at Roma Side studio.

Asked whether he is married or not

Shimpanzi told Zambian Tunes Reporter that he is not married yet but he is committed in a relationship with a woman of his life.

‘Am not married yet but am committed to a woman of my life.’

Responding to another question which is, ‘why doesn’t Zambian music sell to other countries?’

Shimpanzi said, ‘well the reason why Zambian music doesn’t sell to other countries it’s because us Zambians we like copy and paste, what our fellow artists in Nigeria or Tanzania are doing that’s what we want to bring in Zambia, but I think we should be real and be original, we shouldn’t copy and paste we need to sell our couture international and by doing that our music will sell.’

Quoting from one of his songs, and the song which he released on his birthday in 2014 called ‘NAKULAINE’ Shimpanzi noted that ‘experience has been his best teacher.’

Shimpanzi also pointed out that if given an opportunity to do collaboration with international artists, he would want to work with DON JAZZY, CELIN DION and RIHANNA among other artists.

‘well if I was given an opportunity to work with the international artists, i would really love to work with Don Jazzy, Céline Dion and Rihanna among the artists that I like’ Shimpanzi said.

Meanwhile commenting on the most talked about ZMA awards issue, Shimpanzi stated Macky2 has his own reasons as to why he pointed out that, the money given to the artists should be increased from K3000, because he has been winning the awards hence he knows what his talking about.

‘but on my personal view I would want to urge the Zambian Breweries to engage other stake holders who would want to be party of the ZMA, so that they can increase on the monetary prize and if not that, at least, let ZB come up with ambassadors initiative were ZB can chose the first five or four people to be ambassadors of ZB and put them on a monthly salary till the next artists are awarded’ Mulowa said.

Shimpanzi has released a new song called (MUPELE)
George Mulowa aka ‘Shimpanzi’

It’s all because of the love of Music.

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