Download: KB Ft. Macky 2, Four 4, Bobby East, Crisis & Neo – My Diary (Pt. 4)

Here is Four 4’s verse.
I’ve been fighting hidden battles that ya niggas never know of/
A smile that is subtle but that thing was just for show off/
Been kinda stressed lately, most of that I have to throw off/
Two tears in a bucket, keeping up appearances/
Grey hair has surfaced, evidence of my experiences/
The journey was rough in this economic stage/
16 ain’t enough to pour my thoughts on this page/
Am just thankful I made it to see 2017/
Lost some good people last year there’s plenty I had seen/
Mentally scarred, that burden is as hefty as it seems/
Mum was sick in the hospital/
My pillar of strength, God forbid if she had to fall/
I’ll hold her down till my life just ceases/
Her name is Mary but am far from Jesus/
My miracles are in the booth I shred mics to pieces/
We was the fire in our prime, desert eagle for sure/
And the beats were the fuel, add some diesel then blow/
When we started this movement who knew that Dizo would blow/
I ain’t surprised if they say that am a bigamist/
Am married to the game the same time I got a wife and kids/


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