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Dambisa’s husband has confirmed packing his boxers and Nakonde Vests, out of Dambisa’s life, Less than 3 years they got married in a Glorious wedding that saw the “Kaduka chain” hit maker off the market like a pangolin, It’s no longer news Musician dambisa has been dumped by her husband, the Ex Husband under the Facebook handler King shaka Took it to his personal Facebook account and confirmed that he was single like nothing but a black Mamba and ready to mingle.

The couple Seemed happy, people contributed in committees, Rice, paprikas and green papers were provided at the wedding, one wonders what has led to the marriage failure.

Meanwhile off late Dambisa has continued to post alarming posts, that have led many people question her mental wellbeing.

mwizukanji participated as the knife girl and she nailed it mweh. watch full video on the link below


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