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D-Boy Telem: Confesses Crush On Mampi, and talked about Zambian promoters..

D Boy Telem is one of the fastest rising artist in the game, so far he has blessed his fans with hit songs like ”Evelina ft Shenky”(download)”Bengi” (download) and more, today ZambianTunes official decided to chat with concerning his music carer and this is what he has to say.

Jelita: Evening D Bwoy
D Bwoy Telem: good evening
Jelita:would love to know more about your career…
D Bwoy Telem: OK
Jelita: where do you see yourself in the next 2 years
D Bwoy Telem: I see myself as one of the big artist in Zambia in the next years to come.
Jelita: Who inspires you in the industry
D Bwoy Telem: my inspiration is J Cole and Kendrick Lamar,then locally its king dandy, Shenky and Macky 2
Jelita: why them
D Bwoy Telem: because these guys have done a lot for Zambian music
Jelita: Alright, who’s your competitor in The industry..
D Bwoy Telem: As at now have got no competitor because everyone in the game as his own flavor..
Jelita: OK what are your real names
D Bwoy Telem: My names are Bright Mbukwa
Jelita: OK but why do u call yourself D Bwoy Telem instead of bright
D Bwoy Telem: Am called D Bwoy Telem,D stands for dope and Telem means shadow u know you can’t run away from your shadow hence I can’t run away frm music.
Jelita: great so when did you start music and how old were you
D Bwoy Telem: I started in 2006 and by then I was only 12 years old
Jelita: wow,So who’s your crush in the industry
D Bwoy Telem: My crush in the industry is Mampi

mampiD BOY

Jelita: why her
D Bwoy Telem: because she is beautiful and hardworking
Jelita: What challenges are there in the industry
D Bwoy Telem: Mmm Ama challenges Nifulu because everyone wants to be famous these days and promotion iliko bad.
Jelita: Why do you say promotion is bad
D Bwoy Telem: Pantu nama promoters wants to be famous also more than the artist they are promoting
Jelita: so u are saying promotion is the challenge you face right
D Bwoy Telem: Yes
Jelita: OK what advise would you give Promoters and DJs out there
D Bwoy Telem: Can’t say much,promoters and DJs keep doing what u do best,do it for the love of Zambian music not just anyone because ichibemba chilanda ati imiti ikula empanga so help us became big in life its all about good music
Jelita: OK thanx and promoters mwaufwa ati no favoring but do it for the love of music…its all about passion.
D Bwoy Telem:  the pressure is all mine thank you.

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