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“Sir, I have worked and passed through different producers on my way up, but still the same I appreciate Imk afrika for securing me studio time and all the support when I needed it. Despite the misunderstandings, I can’t discredit his efforts on my career: because life is not a Nigerian movie-people needs people.” Chile has said.

Chile One MrZambia has clearly stated that he holds no grudges against IMK Africa. He further disclosed that the contract between him and Upright Music Records ended before the release of his breakthrough debut ‘FWEBAKUCHAUME.’ He added that his breakthrough debut was denied production by IMK Africa under Uprise Records because by the time they were working on the track his contract had just come to an end. By God’s wisdom and turn of events; ‘FWEBAKUCHAUME’ was produced by Prolifix under 44G Music Entertainment, which conversely featured Jemax and funny enough: it was the same rejected record that introduced the singer to fame.

CHILE says that even if IMK hasn’t produced him a song that people might be familiar with, he doesn’t take his helping heart for granted: because everything happens for the purpose.

The chapter of IMK and Chile One couldn’t end just like that because CHILE was now famous. When Chile One made it in the music industry, he shifted to Lusaka: but he remembered his talented friend, producer and singer-IMK. He made him move from Chililabombwe and started staying with him in Lusaka: where they made music together with the hope of seeing him becoming a household name too. “My support is evident enough, as you can agree with me that I recently featured IMK on my immediate latest song which also has Macky 2 on it ‘Ndikapindo.’ The idea of letting him jump on my song: was to expose IMK to the larger audience, so that my fans could support him too the time he would be releasing his own track ‘Na Chanda’ which I also jumped on.” Chile One

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