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Chellah tukutah speaks out and clarifies on his new appointment.Video

After his announced to the public that he had been offered a new job at Zambia daily mail,it so happened it was fake and the PS MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND MEDIA THABO KAWANA SHARED:

Good evening all, our phones and other social media handles are flooded with questions from members of the public following some purported appointment allegedly made at the Zambia Daily Mail.

Since the same falls under our Ministry and direct supervision, we are obliged to respond to the Many questions thrown at us.

We take the opportunity to inform the public that no such positions as “Deputy Editor in Charge of Photography” and “Chief Photographer” at the Zambia Daily Mail exist.

It follows therefore, that no such appointment can be made or has been made and the public is encouraged to ask those claiming to have been appointed, to produce the purported letter/s of Appointment.

Further, the Public is educated that no matter how close the Presidency may get to the people, the Presidency cannot and can never be the one to appoint any person to such technical positions that deal with videos, images, audios, graphics or indeed sounds.

There are relevant authorities that fill in such positions but definitely not the Presidency.

We take the opportunity to dismiss the said claim with the contempt it deserves.

This news has made the renowned photography Chellah to clarify the news,watch the video below

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