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Breaking News: Musician Saty K sentenced to 3 years in prison.

A Zambian musician Anthony shichula popularly known as Saty K is currently serving a 3 years jail sentence at Mansa Prison which has transformed to correctional service center in Mansa district of Luapula province,

Shichula who is well known for his track “taimonwa monwa” is currently working on his new album which will educate people more about the negative attitude towards inmates the album will contain ten or twelve tracks and is currently working on his third and forth tracks.
The musician performed his second track at the first ever Africa correctional service day, on 26th September 2016 at Mansa correctional service centre grounds.

The Zambian stories entertainment news and ZambianTunes.com crew found the artist performing on the stage a song called Zambia correctional centre saty-k(Download it here ) which has talks more about the transformation from Zambia prisons to Zambia correctional centre service.
ZambianTunes.com manager Peter Mwape who visited the event, he was given an opportunity to have interviews with Saty K.
This is what he hard to say,
Am a human being i made a mistake but have learnt from it, tomorrow it can be you make sure to be more careful with whatever you do, life in prison is not easy, have accepted the situation nothing i can do, i pray to God that one i will come out from here health and strong, i miss my family just pray for me i will see you soon.

To my fans i apologize for my mistakes its not my wish to be here, i bealive sometimes its the way of learning something about life,
to those who wish to visit me how be more-than happy to see you especially my fellow artists.
Thanks to Uncle PPeter Mwape” for being there for me since day one and to every one here who are helping to do my music Sergeant Chileshe and the rest i say thank you. Saty K said.

The artist said that he was inspired to do the song he performed at the event because he wanted to change the mind set of people about prison life which has being changed to correctional service center.
SatY k is currently asking for sponsors to come on board to sponsor him release his album which he is currently working on as his 3rd album. He is since appealing to his fellow musician to be careful with what they engage themselves in, in order for them not to be found in a similar situation like his.
More details about santy k’s jail sentence will be revealed in part 2.
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