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Breaking News: B1 Mr Perfecto is Shock with the story circulating on social media about him…

Internet is good and bad at the same time.
its good to those people who used wisely to inform,educate,entertain and communicating with the world.
yet some people abuse it to still people’s money,destroying celebrity’s, write bad things about people in the way of seeking attention and trying to make there names go higher that’s bad.

B1 Mr Perfecto has expressed shock at some internet thieves ”swindles” there using his name to swindle peoples money on internet, this incident started wen a lady by the name of ”Anniiliya mwanza motolwa”who claimed that she paid some of amounts to unknown people using the name of B1, according to the conversation b1 hard with one of the victim who was about to send money, said this people are saying you are running a promotion to your fans of which you haveto pay some of amount to get a phone and cds.1
on the 17th October 2016 b1 posted this on his facebook page.
wow today I have waken up to a very disturbing story,apparently there a story going round the Internet that I swindled a named lady of a certain amount.Anniiliya mwanza motolwa my sister you are as much a victim as iam,bad people are busy opening fake fb accounts and pages in my name to crook unsuspecting fans of mine.I have never ever asked anybody to send me money by whatever means and I have never run a promotion where iam asking fans to send me money as being portrayed.They get my pictures, put them on there fake Facebook pages and accounts and steal from people using my name. I have since reported this matter to the police and efforts are being made to catch these criminals.This is my only fb account and if u are on a different one then you are being misled.My only advise to fans who like anniiliya mwanza motolwa is please ask before u go and tarnish people’s names they worked so had for…
please share and help curb this evil..

The serious masseur has been taken to track this peopleb1-2
Fellow artist,entertainers allow me to bring you to the attention of a story circulating on social media ABOUT me.Apparently some unscrupulous evil minded people have opened fb accounts and pages using my name,photos and anything they could find about me to fraudulently Swindle money and other things from fans and the general public . Apparently someone was swindled of a k500 by these criminals purporting to be me and without any facts this person went on to post that iam the one that stole her money.I have never run a promotion where fans had to send me money by whatever means on my facebook account and page therefore i am distancing myself from this hoax.This impersonation and fraud has been going on for a while and if not checked it has the potential to destroy this industry we fought so had for.Today it’s me,tomorrow it could be u.I have had similar complaints about people thinking they are on my account when actually they are not and have since reported this to the police,let’s United and fight this evil…. MR PERFECTO. ….

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