Bombshell Is The Only Friend Who Would Bail Out Cleo Ice Queen If She Had A K10,000 Bill


Well they say in life everyone needs a friend who would be there for him/her when she needs them the most and for Cleo Ice Queen, that friend is Bombshell.

Yes! The Def Jam signed female rapper proved that when she was asked to pull a prank on a friend when she featured on That Zed Podcast, who would bail her out if she had a K10,000 bill to pay and her card declined and she picked to The Mfumu Kadzi who was ready to send that money not until she was told its a prank.

Cool right? from their conversation, you could tell their friendship goes deep from what we see on the screens.

Another thing we could learn from that is financial discipline and serving. Its always important to have some money served up somewhere incase you receive that emergency call.

Watch Video Below Courtesy of That Zed Podcast