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#‎ZMA‬ I don’t owe anyone an apology.
Here’s why I will not accept to be called IGNORANT about the ZMA.
In 2011, there was confusion at the Born & Bred Awards which were held at Mulungushi International conference centre. I was the red carpet presenter, so I witnessed everything.
The minister of information then, Hon Given Lubinda was not pleased because of the disorder and immorality that characterised the event.
The following week, we had a meeting with Zambian Breweries staff. Present were ZAM, Mr Chibamba Kanyama, Hon Lubinda and a few others right at Mulungushi. In that meeting, we were asked for solutions to that disorder because it was alleged that the confusion came about owing to alcohol abuse. We (artists) proposed the following;
(1)We want Zambia Breweries(ZB) to engage us in doing road shows to sensitize our fans on alcohol abuse to prevent the reoccurrence of such confusion, including underage drinking sensitization.
(2)We want ZB to sponsor NEW awards which will not focus on videos but Zambian music in general. Ladies and gentlemen that was the birth of what you’re now talking about, the Zambian Music Awards.
In short B’Flow is one of the few artists that started the ZMAs. Others include Danny, Ruff Kid, TK, T-Boy, Njoya Tee, Bryan Kombweke, 2wice, Sakala Brothers, BJ Ngosa, Angela etc. In fact MWEMBE MUNTU was there too.
I can proudly say I’m one of the brains behind the foundation of the ZMAs so I repeat I won’t accept to be referred to as ignorant.
The technicalities of organising the ZMAs and budgetary issues however, are a topic for another day. For now, I just wanted to say don’t be fooled to believe we are ignorant.
As a well meaning Zambian artist who has seen and knows the struggle we endure, I’m in support of the whole movement for better money yes, BUT I’ll maintain that there’s a problem, a big one. No one will hear our cries and address our plight until we realise that the only feasible channel to get to the root of this matter is by addressing it through ZAM not through Facebook pages and mufikona(in dark corners). ZAM is the only recognised representative body of the artists, so we don’t expect any artist be it Kachanana or Slap Dee or whoever to act as our spokesperson coz it will be so unprofessional of us. But naimwe Ba ZAM, we are giving you our support so get to work or else individuals will see the need to work on your behalf.
I urge all you upcoming artists to desist from sharing what you don’t understand. Leave it to us as you await the benefits that may come if we your big brothers and sisters handle this matter professionally. As for you established artists, let’s dialogue with ZAM (in person) as opposed to championing this cause on social media platforms and discrediting one another. Let’s be professional and let our actions show respect to pioneers like PK Chishala, Paul Ngozi, Emmanuel Mulemena, Daddy Zemus, Joe Chibangu Nasty D, Black Muntu to mention but a few who made strides and sacrifices for us to have the industry we are enjoying today.
Meanwhile, if you’re an artist and you know you’ve worked hard, go ahead and campaign for that nomination coz time is ticking and the awards are STILL TAKING PLACE in Lusaka on April 28th.
Lastly, to all Zambian music fans and supporters, the lack of professionalism you’ve seen lately is regretted. I rest my case. ‪#‎music4change‬ ‪#‎GoodWillAmbassador‬

Uncle-P Pro

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