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Ayra starr’s popularity falls from 100% to 15%

According to Google Trends , Ayra Starr’s popularity has fallen from about 100% to 15% in Nigeria in the past few months .
The artiste seems to make waves only when she drops , Why ?

Ayra has no timeless music , we are talking about songs that one can still listen to after 2 years . The songs released 3 months ago no one wants to listen to it .

Dear Artistes , hit songs are good but you can’t bet your career on that , try as much as possible to have a classic song . A song that after 5 or 10 years people can still stream or call you for concerts . Look at P SQuare , it’s been 15 years and they still shut down venues with their old songs .

If Ayra Starr and Tems stop music today , in 10 years nobody will know or remember them .

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