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DJ 800’s Profile

DJ 800 is one of the TOP and best Zambia Djs Real time DJ, MC / Sound Engineer Real Name Aaron M’kandawire Born in the 80s. Married Lives in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, Earth, World Education background Went to Mwembezhi Basic School (Mumbwa), where I did my primary level up to grade 7. Woodlands A school (Lusaka), where I did my basic level that was from grade 8 to 9 then I went to Ebenezer and Nyenyezi secondary school (Lusaka) for my upper secondary that’s from 10 to 12. Advanced diploma in computer engineering and hardware maintenance Computer networking. At ESU Micro Solutions Insights about Dj 800 I learnt how to Dj in the year 2004 by then I was still doing my secondary level, I wanted to learn Djayin because of the love I had in music. I took time listening to radio Djs like: DJ Dazzle From Zambia National Broadcast Cooperation (ZNBC) Radio 4 I would take time listening to his Radio shows as he was playing non-stop party music every weekend I use to admire that. DJ Big Aul From Radio Phoenix enjoyed his radio shows I use to admire his voice n song selection he had. Dj Bizzy Wizzy I used to enjoy his mixes whenever he featured on ZNBZ Smooth Talk Programme n I told my Self that one day I will be like him. The love I had for music made me start my life in Deejaying, got inspired from the mentioned Djs also from the local Djs I use to watch them doing their thing when I visit clubs. Started compiling Cassette Disc (Cd) and Audio Tapes, recording radio Shows and imitating what I used to hear on radios. Had a number of tapes as I was starting my Deejaying career though my parents didn’t support it. Even though they refused me to be a dj I used to escape home and meet up with fellow Djs. As time went by they started supporting me in my work and encouraged me a lot as to stay away from the Bad vices. Then I decided to learn how to dj so that one day I can be like one of the Zambian top Djs. I took time looking for some one who can help me with the leaning process, as for that time we had no Deejaying schools in Zambia. So I spotted a man by the name of DJ Elv who was the head Dj for TOP ONE nightclub in Chilenje south. DJ Elv taught me the basics of Deejaying as in how to use the Dj mixer and the Dj decks. All was taught to me from the Top one Night Club during the teen-time gigs he used to organize every weekend. After that I stopped and continued with school till 2006 when I finished my Diploma in Computer Engineering. 2007 I joined Fullblast Entertainment under the management of Mr. John Wamunyima (the late) MHSRIP. Where I djayed and acted as the head Dj. At Fullblast I continued learning and perfecting my Dj skills also leaning how to be a leader among fellow Djs I left Fullblast and joined Narts Studios and Entertainment in kabwata I worked for Narts for a good two years under the management of Mr. Richard Where I also acted as the Head DJ and Artist Manager. With the skills that I was gathering along the way, In the year 2010 I stopped djaying and joined Smart Mobile Solutions (SMS) Where I acted as an IT manager till 2012. I left SMS to open my own company Called Dcue Entertainment. The journey through Dcue Entertainment my company. Started my own company as a sound and a Dj provider for functions on a small scale but the company is easy growing. I started gathering entertainment equipment for my company from the speakers, amplifiers, Dj players and all entertainment equipments. As I was gathering the equipments I also used to organize gigs creating a network among my fellow Djs and co-operate people In 2013 I joined ZNBC under Smooth Talk Programme as a resident Dj until now. In 2013 I had the opportunity to be the head Dj at the born & Bred Music Video Awards being my first BIG TV Live show to play at. And the show was a success. And the management recommended me to play again in the years coming for the same awards and in 2014/2015 I did it again it was a massive success. Through my company I have leant to push upcoming and headed Artist. I have promoted Artist Like: Alpha Romeo, B-flow Cray Jay, Ruff Kaida, StarFace, Stella, Kanivo Sp, Nature Doggy n Serah K ++++++ Role Model: After listening to this man DJ Big Aul I was motivated, was anxious meeting him. Finally I had a chance to meet him and he taught me a lot of life n Dj skills and with that I’ve lived with it. And now I call him as my role model. Allan Mwale aka Dj BIG Aul the Notorious Phenomenon In my journey as a DJ Iv played in clubs, cooperate events, wedding receptions, Album / Product Launches, kitchen party, house parties, road shows, school gigs let me just say public and private events. Iv also played across Zambia almost all the provinces, and across Borders. In 2013, 13th July, I married my beautiful wife Laika Tembo Mkandawire. Marketing my DJ Name Iv leant to lean how to market my DJ name and Skills through working on Mixtapes and Branding My Self. I do Mixtapes a lot, they are the ones that have helped me to gain fan base and some of my tapes are uploaded on international websites like in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and the USA. I’ve done more than 20 international recognized MIXTAPES all are above 50 minutes playtime. Created accounts on soundcloud, hulkshare, Facebook, let me just say almost on all trending social media sites. Deejaying as a Business In Deejaying there a lot of things you can learn and do Music being my investment. Iv managed to kip my self and my family even before I bought my own equipment music has bin working for me. Shows Iv done more than 500 shows in my lane as a DJ The biggest shows IV done Ruff kaida Naked truth Album Launch ZNBC born and Bred Music Video Awards as a DJ for 2013 and 2014 / 2015 T Sean Time Bomb album Launch Triple V Events with more than 10 Events. Powered and deejayed for B-flow Dear Mama Album / go out and vote Launch at the American Embassy in Lusaka. One of my rare opportunity Iv managed to handle a crowd of more than 10, 000 people. People ask me what does Muli Pamakina Ya mutyatya mean lol that’s a Chewa phrase I ill live it their. HOBBIES: Listening to Music, Travelling and Browsing. Dcue entertainment is my company and I’ve now employed 4 guys as of today 2016 that I work with, and all of them iv taught them how to dj and they are all good to what they do just like me…. Am not yet done with my work I still have a lot of things to do and to work on I want to form a Dj association in Zambia and bring all the DJz together Best DJ that I follow Dj SKD – USA / Angelo – UK / TLM – USA / Qbert – USA / Premier – USA / DJ Bizzy Wizzy ZED / DJ Ocrima Kenya / ++++++ I love music and music is my Office ”We make them Dance” Social Media: Twitter: @deejay_800 Facebook: Deejay800 YouTube: arondq Instagram: dj8zale What’s App +26 0966 492433 Mobile +26 0977 492433
– See more at: http://www.buyzedtunes.com/buy/DJ%20800#sthash.MP1NM9z5.dpuf

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