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Aqualaskin Apologies To Tina & Feroza For Using Them To Promote His Music

Aqualaskin the Julia Njenja hitmaker has come to social media to apologise for using his baby mama Tina Chilufya, his Ex girlfriend Feroza and other women to hype his music..

He has also made it known that he and Tina are not back together but just peacefully co-parenting for the betterment of their little daughter Raquel. He shared this in a live videoπŸ‘‡


He has acknowledge that his way of promoting his music has brought damage on women and his fans henceforth he will take a different path..

Below is his full statement, He Wrote;

In desperate attempts of hyping and promoting my music for numbers I continuously end up damaging and embarrassing the women who genuinely love and want what is best for me.I want to apologize to Tina, the mother of my beautiful daughter for dragging you into all this drama from the start.Forgive me for all the embarrassing and tormenting moments I put you through I apologize and wish you well even as we co-parent peacefully for the bigger picture which is our daughter.

To Feroza and the kids I apologize for the Shame and humiliation I put you through all for a viral moment , I should have gone about it more maturely and I am truly sorry.

Even on The False narrative that has been created saying I’m a Mario, I got her money, used her for money, I was toxic and everything attached to our break up though far from the truth I only have myself to blame.

I proudly stand on it to say I have never been and will never be a Mario.I have been more than capable of holding my own since and I will continue doing so with my head high.Not once had I abused, been toxic or intend to use Feroze for financial gain.I forgive her and really apologize for wasting her time.

Going forward I will focus on becoming a better person, strive to do even better as a father, work smart and hard on becoming one of Zambia’s best musical arts.Relationships for a person like me are proving more harm than good and really not worth losing what I have struggled to build for years for and I’m all to blame.

To my supporters I apologize for being a bad example, showing fuck boy behavior, a player or if I come out as one who doesn’t respect women I was in a relationship with.I will definitely do better.

I know a lot of you guys will advise I take some time off but I can’t I need this for the smallest sanity I can get from music, I need it to stay away from things and thoughts I might regret.Thank you.

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