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A female rapper with 22 tattoos from Tanzania based in south Africa disclosed secrets you must know.

Zambiantunes.com has introduced the program called”live facebook interview” this program is designed to connect fans and artist’s around the globe,   we believe that its not easy for the artist to respond all the questions from fans asked via his/her facebook accounts or twitter,this is why we brought up this program to allow artists and fans communicate through live Facebook interview, not only that but also its the opportunity for artists to discuss the challenges and solutions the face during  music marketing.

one of the guest from Tanzania based in South Africa A female Rapper Latifa Musa also known as Miss KK disclosed some of the things you would like to know.

1.Jelita:  what’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to u while performing on stage?

Miss KK : Heheheheheheehhe I know lol well thank you. Performance stage weird hmmmm oh the this one time my outfit was going Up while I was performing so it was so annoying but I didn’t let my fans see that
Jelita: what are your main inspiration and great influence

Miss KK: My main inspiration and great influence is my mum,that being said every women that is an e.g. of my Mum inspire me. Women that always break down walls to reach that Goal.

Jelita: have you ever had any crazy fun encounter
Miss kk: Heheeheh I kiss a girl and I was drank and it was my first time bein in that type of situation so yeah so yeah. I don’t remember how it happen but I do remember kissing someone.
JELITA: dear tell me more about the tattoos on your body miss kk
MISS KK: Every tattoos on my body tells a LIFE story. And I have 22 tattooslatifa zt

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